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Hatha Yoga techniques - 1

Hatha Yoga techniques - 1

Recorded on: 9 Jul 2018

Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Vep, Hungary.

When we smile only 3 muscles are in tension in the temple. Each day we should smile at everyone. The tension in the muscles goes to the brain and later attacks the heart. The liver is a factory of hormones. A hatha yogi maintains their inner organs in order with their techniques. The air in the big cities is very polluted, what we inhale is affecting our lungs. We should decrease the pollution of the Earth using a metal neti pot, not plastic. The meal is tastier if we eat with our hands. Neti cleans the nostrils very well. Stories of recovering from illnesses with neti. Demonstration of the technique of Jal Neti. Hatha yoga techniques are the highest techniques of Yoga.

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