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17:34 31 Mar 2020
The Live webcast has ended.

Webcast from Wellington

18:05 - 19:27|Recorded on 5 Mar 2020
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Wellington Ashram, New Zealand.

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Webcast from Auckland

19:35 - 20:56 | From: 9 Mar 2020
Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Auckland, New Zealand.

Brahma Vidya Needs Practice

21:00 - 21:56 | From: 5 Jul 2013
Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Vep, Hungary. Intellectual knowledge gives us only theoretical knowledge, no achievement. There is no success without practice and discipline. Practice brings us to perfection. Worldly pleasures are transient. We are longing and searching for that what is not changing and lasting forever. When we really taste God's name, all other things will be tasteless for us. We have to understand our real goal. If we do not understand we have no feelings. If we do not have feelings we cannot keep discipline. If the sweetness of devotion and discipline is missing, our sadhana will be tasteless.

The fire can keep us healthy

22:00 - 22:56 | From: 2 Oct 2016
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Raumati Beach, New Zealand. Our life is mainly unnatural - seeds and foods, dairy products are manipulated. This causes diabetes and other illnesses. By practicing yoga we can strengthen the digestive fire, and this fire can keep us healthy.

Around the world - Opening of new YIDL center in Nadlac, Romania

23:00 - 23:40 | From: 1 Jun 2018
Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Nadlac, Romania.

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Be in the present

23:45 - 0:58 | From 26 Mar 2020
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan, India. Swami Avatarpuriji is speaking about Brahmacharini, who is the second from the nine Devis that we are worshipping during Navaratri. Vishwaguruji tells how Gurudev takes care of the Bhaktas. The human brain is very developed but still, we have a long distance to know. The past is gone and will not come back again. In yoga, we are in the present. We need strength and we have to follow the rules. We have anusthan now. B

The Navratri festival

2:05 - 2:51 | From 25 Mar 2020
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan, India. The first day of Navratri is the first day of the Indian year. Every nine days of Navratri we are worshipping different Devis representing the Divine Mother. There are two guards, the black called Kal Bheru and white Bheru. They are protecting Gurudev. Bhagwan Shiva and Shakti are still here from the beginning of the creation. Story of king Daksha.

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Meditation from Sunshine Coast

From 26 Feb 2020
Meditation with Vishwaguruji from Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Satsang with H.H. Vishwaguruji from Vienna

From 5 Dec 2019
Anniversary of Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhujis Mahasamadhi according to western calendar.Meditation.

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