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A Guru gives everything that we need

9:35 - 10:36|Recorded on 23 Jul 2023
Evening satsang from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic. The story of Krishna and Vidura's wife. Explanation and sing of bhajan Prabhu Prema Bina Nahi Ave. Strilky Ashram is a heaven on earth. We should know what Guru really means. Our biggest problems are our ego and jealousy. The real Guru mantra can liberate our minds. Our yoga name helps us to go towards our aims. We have to do seva (selfless service) in order to get the blessing. Miracles can happen to each of us. Karma is happening to every country. Yoga has become an industry in the world. There are some institutes which want to control yoga and ayurveda also. It should create a universal benchmark for yoga and ayurveda. In Britain, many people can legally use yoga and ayurveda as medicine. Bhajan explanation and singing Prabhu Mere Avaguna Chita Na Caro.

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The teaching of a Guru is for ever

10:40 - 11:56 | From: 9 Jul 2022
Guru Purnima celebration from Vienna, Austria. Siva was the first living being in the Earth. The story of a photograph what shows a Rishi in the Himalayas. Australian inhabitants are originated from India. British people were very cruel to them. Explanation of bhajan Sataguru Alakapurijji avo. The story of a boy and a girl who married but they had a problem with the hard part of the bread. The story of the river Alakhananda. Practising bhramari and bhujangini pranayama.

Practising Bari Khatu Pranam

12:00 - 12:21 | From: 14 Jan 2023
Practicing Bhari Khatu Pranam. Guruji Ashram, Vienna, Austria.

Never Give Up!

12:25 - 12:45 | From: 13 Aug 2022
Morning program from Vep, Hungary. Sadhvi Shanti is speaking about her experienses at the Himalayas, during her search about the cave of Sri Alakpuriji. One of the most important thing in the life to live the present moment.

How the worm becomes Bhramari

12:50 - 13:34 | From: 15 Aug 2022
Evening satsang with Vishwaugurji from Vep, Hungary. Relaxation. Concentration on the navel and the heart. There are three different forms of bhramari. They have the same voice. One of them lives on the earth the second builds their nest in our house. They can bite us. The nest of bhramari is very comfortable. they bring worms there. Slowly slowly the worm transforms into a bhramari. We should practise bhramari only for short time.

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Yoga treatment for panic attacks

13:40 - 14:32 | From 30 Jul 2023
Evening satsang from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic. Lecture by Tyagpuri. We all have hard moments in the life, but also have a great support from our Gurudev and Parampara. It is a gret luck that we have found the real source of the light and knowledge. For us Yoga in Daily Life is one of the best method to make us clear and strong inside. That is one possible metods to deal with panic.

Always be in the present and go to Satsang

16:20 - 17:04 | From 21 Jul 2023
Evening satsang from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic. In Strilky Ashram we can completely let go of our problems. A story of a man who began to meditate while he was waiting for his guests. We should be aware of the present moment. In this case, we can realise what is happening around us. Don't be in the past and the future. Satsang helps you know how to solve problems. To change our life, change our thoughts and society. Vishwaguruji's energy can change our thoughts and feelings. Try to keep this energy for some time. Explanation of bhajan Chadarya. We should avoid muddy water as far as possible. Never miss the real satsang. We do karma yoga for ourselves. Always try to remain young in your mind.

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Organic farming in Netherlands

From 3 Aug 2023
From Dongen, Oosterhuot, The Netherland. A report about organic farming in the Netherland.

Practice with Vishwaguruji

From 17 Jul 2023
Morning satsang from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

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